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We share our insights and take action very early in an acquisition process. We help craft acquisition strategies in a manner that will provide open competition to the maximum extent practical in order to assure equal and fair competitions. KMP develops acquisition strategies, crafts Requests for Proposal (RFP) and solicitations, structures contracts-terms and conditions, conducts and/or participates in source selection processes (e.g., past performance/performance risk assessment, cost/price analyses, pre-award surveys, etc.), and conducts negotiations on behalf of the government. To the extent that is practical, KMP engages in acquisition activities at the start of the acquisition cycle and remains engaged throughout the process (e.g. from cradle-to-grave). KMP acts on behalf of our government and commercial clients to manage the acquisition of a broad range of goods, works and services that are requested while ensuring that all acquisition transactions are conducted in strict compliance with the principles, rules and procedures set out in Acquisition Procedural Manual. Our Acquisition support services include:

  • Acquisition Strategy: Provide advice and recommendations for all elements in acquisition plans. We research available suppliers and compare the services and cost of obtaining support from the different Providers.
  • Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE): Provide assistance in preparing IGCE but not limited to research and analysis of past purchase of similar products or services, current market value of the products or services other agency purchases of similar products and services.
  • Market Research: Assist in conducting market research to identify potential sources and contract vehicles that may include socio-economic program participants (i.e, small businesses, small and disadvantaged businesses, HUB Zone businesses). Potential vehicles may also include GSA Schedule vendors, Government-wide Agency Contracts, and other agency contracts.
  • Pre-Award Support: Assist in evaluation process and assure written documentation to support both informal and formal source selection procedures. We conduct kickoff meetings with source selection/evaluation teams prior to the commencement of evaluations of proposals in response to issued solicitations.
  • Prepare Solicitations: Prepare Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFPs) and assure the solicitation incudes all appropriate Solicitation terms and conditions. Recommend and prepare unique terms and all appropriate Solicitation terms and conditions.
  • Award Support: Work with evaluators and Contracting Officers (Cos) to identify pre-negotiation objectives and assist the CO with discussions with Offferors. Prepare Final contract award documents for appropriate parties.
  • Post-Award: Prepare appropriate documentation for contract modifications of all types. Monitor contractor performance, including schedules and milestones. Monitor contractor compliance with terms of the contract. Assist in the preparation of incentive and award fees as well as assist in resolution of performance problems.
  • Automated Systems: Plan, deploy, and maintain AS and GPO business systems as it relates to providing acquisition support.

KMP offers expertise and experience of the highest quality in the fields of Accounting, financial and business solutions programs. KMP has the unique skills necessary to design, deploy, and implement a total integrated accounting and financial system. Our expertise and experience cover everything from conceptual thinking about how an organization operates and the in-depth understanding of accounting processes to the detailed know-how of designing and implementing an integrated accounting system. Our wealth of experience in financial management enables us to administer coherent and transparent financial management to our clients. KMP provides a full range of budget support services including formulation, execution, monitoring, and reporting.

Our budget work may typically involve preparing current and out-year budget forecasts, developing and modifying annual budget submissions and supporting documentation, and monitoring and reporting budget execution activities. KMP employs a disciplined and structured approach that focusses on providing our clients robust functional financial information that will facilitate management decision making and create operating efficiencies in supporting our clients’ goals.

Goal I. Increase capabilities for more informed operational and programmatic decision-making.

  • Improve financial data accuracy and consistency.
  • Improve enterprise-level financial data access, transparency, and reporting.
  • Make timely and accurate financial data available for our client’s stakeholders to track and monitor program progress. 

Goal II. Improve effectiveness and efficiency of financial and business processes.

  • Implement standard business processes and operating procedures.
  • Reduce manual processes.
  • Integrate data to reduce redundancy and reconciliation issues.

Goal III. Enhance financial and business accountability, integrity, and compliance.

  • Automate controls and reconciliation points where appropriate
  • Improve traceability of transactions where appropriate
  • Provide for system flexibility and agility to meet current and future mandated Federal requirements.

With the increasing proliferation of new technologies, it takes an increasing degree of technical expertise to not only determine the best network architecture for your organization now, but also its efficacy several years into the future.

KMP has the extensive expertise in assessing, planning, designing, integrating, and maintaining networks. KMP can customize a wide range of technology solutions from an initial network assessment to fully supported multi-tiered maintenance options.

At KMP, we understand that government and commercial organizations are constantly seeking cost-effective ways to maximize limited resources. KMP delivers simple streamlined solutions to problems ranging from public safety to public and private network communications and IT modernization. KMP also provides e-business solutions to help companies deliver greater value and increased client satisfaction from their value chain through e-business strategy development, solution design and systems implementation.

In practice, we follow a 10-prong and interrelated approaches to budgeting activities

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. Our budget work may typically involve preparing current and out-year budget forecasts including:

  • Developing and modifying annual budget submissions and supporting documentation by monitoring and reporting budget execution activities.
  • Reviewing program plans, including multi-year strategies and issue papers, to determine the needs of designated client organizations.
  • Providing long-range analysis of the potential effects of budgetary actions on objectives.
  • Performing a wide variety of analytical duties connected with the review, justification, and presentation of assigned budget areas.
  • Reviewing and recommending the amount and timing of allotments of funds to agency components and programs.
  • Conducting monthly financial status reviews and prepare quarterly and annual financial forecasts on a monthly basis. Identify problems and potential problems relating to fund utilization.
  • Planning for expenses and advice customer agency on ways to plan for expenses.
  • Tracking purchase orders and monthly expenses to ensure correct cost allocation and payment.
  • Performing budget execution and the monitoring of obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of a budget with different sources and types of funding, such as direct annual, multi-year, and no-year appropriations; apportionments; allotments; transfer of funds from other agencies and refunds.
  • Providing advice, assistance, and guidance on budgeting and related information and conduct analysis, reviews and special studies of budget and/or related information.